Bush outlines Iraqi post-war reconstruction plans

US President Bush outlined further details today of his administration's post-war plans to reconstruct the Iraqi economy, provide employment for the Iraqi people and help "kickstart democracy" in Iraq.

To alleviate widespread hunger after a decade of sanctions, Bush said that corporations such as McDonald's, KFC, and Burger King have agreed to accelerate plans to open franchises in Baghdad and other urban areas.

Disney Corporation has indicated an intention to build a destination resort near Baghdad, featuring characters from Disney's Aladdin franchise, providing much-needed jobs to the next generation of Iraqis.

A consortium of resort developers have been asked by the Bush administration to exploit the enormous opportunities for casinos, nightclubs, and golf courses to serve the international managers of the Iraqi oil industry.

The Corrections Corporation of America is expected to take advantage of the boom in private prison construction, employing a large number of Iraqis as guards and other support personnel.

Top public relations firms are bidding to spearhead the establishment of an American-style, two-party electoral system, financed by the transnational corporations who will run the new, democratic Iraq.