Bush advisor ponders Kucinich Iraqi challenge

Presidential hopeful proposes Town Hall meeting in Baghdad

Speaking before the 2004 Presidential Democratic convention, newly-selected Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich issued a challenge to the incumbent office-holder.

"I will personally go to Iraq!" Kucinich promised his supporters during the festive and celebratory acceptance speech. "And I challenge Mr. Bush to join me there."

"Let's hold a Town Hall meeting in Baghdad!" Kucinich declared. "Let George Bush and myself demonstrate to the newly 'liberated' Iraqi people, as well as to Americans back home, how democracy is designed to work."

"I hereby challenge my opponent in this upcoming presidential election to stand on the same stage with me, in the biggest auditorium still standing in or around the capital of Iraq, and answer candid questions from the assembled audience!"

"I propose that we let the Iraqi people themselves have a say in how they are to be governed in the post-invasion American regime, in a Town Hall meeting on live global television with phone-in questions from around the world!"

Bush stategist Karl Rove declined to commit the President to what he termed a "cheap campaign stunt", but did confirm that "a number of options" are being discussed in hopes of stemming the perceived growing legitimacy of the Kucinich candidacy.