Ridge announces heightened surveillance of Bush administration officials

Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge announced today that top-level members of the Bush administration would soon be placed under publicly televised surveillance, for reasons of national security.

Ridge said the new program would combine elements of existing C-SPAN congressional coverage with new Internet-based surveillance programs used by parents to check up on their kids in daycare centers.

"It's no secret that the actions of the President and his closest advisors have a great deal to do with the level of terrorist response we can expect in this country," Ridge told lawmakers in asking for a major increase in funding.

The new Homeland Security Czar called on all citizens to monitor their elected officials regularly, and be on the lookout for any suspicious behavior that might inspire a terrorist attack on Americans.

Former Pentagon aide Richard Perle denounced the surveillance program, arguing that public scrutiny would "critically undermine" efforts to place the Middle East under American/Israeli military control.

Ridge also called for the placement of public surveillance cameras in the boardrooms of Fortune 500 companies, noting that Enron levels of fraud would be much harder to reach if the public could monitor the money changers more closely.